Thursday, August 24, 2006


Can this be right? New Orleans is number 24 of the country's 35 most drunken cities? Astounding, but according to, Milwaukee stands (sways? leans?) atop the heap of alcohopolises, while New Orleans is barely a burp on the boozy radar:

Curiously, several towns with a reputation for partying and drinking didn't rank very high on the list. You might be able to score a free cocktail in any Las Vegas casino, but overall, the city comes in at only No. 14. New Orleans is home to Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras, but it only ranked in 24th place. And spring-break party spot Miami placed all the way down at No. 33 of 35.

Ah, but these are pre-K numbers, back in those days of yore when tourists swilling Hurricanes and Handgrenades really did account for the largest portion of the alcohol flowing through this town. Back in 2004, when the CDC study Forbes uses was conducted, imbibing was for most New Orleanians largely celebratory, and where celebratory drinking ends, bitter drinking is just getting started. Let 'em run the numbers now, and I'd bet we could all go put our giant foam hands on.


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